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About the Ishigaki Shonan International Documentary Film Festival​
(English Page)

Documentary film festival launched in 2019.


​■Up to now.
I lived on Ishigaki Island for one year and three months. Let's get high school students on the island to make films and pass the AO entrance exam from a high school with a deviation of 37 to a difficult university. However, there are no cinemas that will screen the films. We started this film festival thinking, "Then let's organise our own film festival".
Director Toshio Tsuchiya of NTV and Professor Takefumi Tsutsui of Tokyo University of the Arts have sympathised with this project and have served on the jury together since the first edition.
Over the years, the competition has grown to include numerous films from within and outside the country, including directors who have won Emmy Awards and Grand Prix awards at other festivals.
Documentary films focus on subjects that are not often in the spotlight, and this is their significance in bringing social issues to light and attempting to solve them. Each director has a different way of expressing himself or herself. We want to support hard-working creators of all ages, genders and nationalities. It is from this perspective that the Executive Committee selects the screening programme.
Director's presentations for each film and the selection of the 'Audience Award', which is chosen by the audience, are also carried out.
The festival also aims to provide a platform for critique of the films by the jury and for exchange between people involved in the film industry.
​We look forward to your participation in this film festival.

February 2024 Kazuyoshi Nagashima, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Ishigaki Shonan International Documentary Film Festival

Organised by Ishigakijima/Shonan International Documentary Film Festival Executive Committee

Supported by. okosuka City, Yokosuka City Board of Education, NPO KANATAN

<Prize (activity support grant)
Total amount: 200,000 yen.
Grand Prix (Grand Prize) Short and feature films
Audience Award Short and feature films
International Competition Short / Feature
General Competition Short and feature length
Domestic student A category (vocational school, university, postgraduate) Short
Domestic Student B category (high school students and below) Short
Domestic Senior Section (60+) Short
Location film section
(Points are awarded to students or over 60 years old. (Points are awarded to students or those aged 60 and over.)

In addition, the Journalists' Special Award (feature film), the Short Film Section - Honourable Mention and the Feature Film Section - Honourable Mention will also be awarded.​


Jury member: Director Toshio Tsuchiya
(External adviser to NTV)​


Jury Member Prof. Takefumi Tsutsui
(Professor, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)


Jury member: Director Kazuyoshi Nagashima
(Former Fuji Television Network, former mayor of Zushi)​


​Winners of the 1st Film Festival
Grand Prize: "The Words: A Record of Memories Taketomi Island" Director Asako Hirota   

Runner-up: "Ordinary Days" Director: Amadu Sadiki and 11 others

International Competition: "Ordinary Days" Director: Amadu Sadiki and 11 others  

Runner-up: "Strangers in the Sea" Director: Retsu Shimanaka, 1st year student at Okinawa University

Student A Section (University students and above): "Ni, kitaeru" Director: Hiromi Takahashi, 3rd year at Nihon University 

Runner-up: "Bridges - Muslims and Islam" Director: Mayu Otani, 3rd year at Doshisha University 

Student B category (high school students and below): "Connecting Beyond Time" Director: Daichi Tamaki, 3rd year student at Yaeyama High School  

Runner-up: "Let Me Hear Your Voice" Director: Harakawa Naruwa, 3rd year Shizuoka Taisei High School

General category: "Banul to the next journey" Director: Hokuto Taniguchi  

Runner-up: "Live on the Road" Director: Izuteru Obayashi

Senior Section: "Sheila's Revolution" Director: Masaki Tosa  

Runner-up: Kaze no Mura - Uncle Eiichi Motoya for Fresh Wind

Yaeyama Location Section: "Vanishing Sumamuni" Director: Daiki Sonai, a senior at Yaeyama High School  

Runners-up: "Blue Zone" Director: Miona Aragaki, 2nd year student at Yaeyama Shoko High School, Tomoo Teruya, 2nd year student at Yaeyama High School

Ishigakijima Venue Audience Award: "The Words: A Record of Memories" Taketomi Island Director: Asako Hirota   

Runners-up: "Blue Zone" Directors: Miona Aragaki and Tomoo Teruya  

Runner-up: "Ni ni, kouchi ni" Director: Hiromi Takahashi

Shonan Sashima Audience Award: "Let Me Hear Your Voice" Director: Naruha Harakawa  

Runners-up: "The words: A record of memory, Taketomi Island" Director: Asako Hirota

BANUL to the next journey" Director: Hokuto Taniguchi

Winners of the 2nd Ishigaki Shonan International Documentary Film Festival
Grand Prize: Birth - The cycles of life - How to make a mother

Birth - The cycles of life-"My Own Way to Become A Mother," directed by Eka Kawasaki

General Section Award: 'Cheese, The Nostalgic Future', directed by Daiki Nakagawa


General Section Award: "Yunosato Desk: Wooden Workshop in an Abandoned School at the Foot of Mount Niseko", directed by Yasushi Oikawa.

​※If you have any questions or queries about the above, please refer to the home page of this website or the contact page.

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